Age: 8
Likes: Food
Dislikes: People getting hurt
Info: He’s pretty quiet, polite, and timid.  Eventually grows out of his shell as he adapts to his new life.
Age: 6
Likes: Animals, her family
Dislikes: Boys, vegetables, mother’s scolding, being teased
Hobbies: Causing trouble
Info: Hyper, easily moody, tomboyish, pretty violent, and a troublemaker.  Quite a handful for her family, always tries to get attention somehow.  Has trouble often speaking her mind and in turn gets easily frustrated.  Doesn’t like Kenji at first but he eventually grows on her.
Likes: Morning walks, puzzles, nature
Dislikes: Missing his morning walks
Hobbies: Teaching, playing his instrument
Info: Always smiling, nature loving, inner genius, extremely nice and caring.  Child-like persona most of the time but is mature when he has to be.
Likes: His wife and daughter, eating
Dislikes: Nothing in particular
Hobbies: Making bad jokes
Info: ???
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